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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization starts with a simple and clear structured website, which enables users to navigate without having problems.
To us it is especially important to create an accessible design to gain access to your website for all user groups.
Search engines index words and extract keywords therefor a website should not only contain informative and interesting content but also latest issued subjects.
Websites issuing regularly are visited more often by search engines and get recently indexed.
Search engine optimization is an ongoing process due to optimising content and links reponse on changes in search algorithms is possible.

Solely register won't do...

  • because only interesting content attracts visitors
  • because finding information makes one stay and return
  • because being up-to-date leads search engines to index anew
  • because only continuous analysis helps finding ideal methods to push websites

OnPage Optimization

  • updating the system
  • source code optimization
  • accessible website
  • revision of content
  • optimization of links and images
  • meta tags for search engines

OffPage Optimization

  • manual registration in search engines
  • evaluation of visitor behaviour
  • keyword analysis and research
  • diagrams of change
  • professional link building